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"Quando seu coração não dizer a verdade. A Dor lhe dará a resposta."
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jack frost elza frozen love otp 

You Who Came From the Stars KISSES!!! 

You Who Came From the Stars Cheon Song-Yi Do Min-Joon 

Pq eu sou fã do Gimli e Legolas <3

Na verdade mais do Legolas rs


Jensen looks like a disappointed parent. 


We are doing this giveaway to celebrate how the fall semester is finally over and myungluhan’s return to Tumblr! We originally anticipated this to be a Christmas giveaway but a bit late is better than never, right? To celebrate (and to thank our followers for dealing with us being gone/having a lot of queues during the past semester), we are giving away multiple items from multiple EXO eras to two different followers!

Here is what’s included:

First Winner—-

  • Choice of Miracles in December CD (K or M)
  • 2 Large Posters (one Growl era and one XOXO era)
  • 10 postcards (from Growl/Cici photoshoots)
  • 5 custom keychains  (can pick biases/ships/ot6/ot12)
  • Six Growl mini photos
  • Silver EXO necklace (MAMA era)
  • Customized Multichaptered EXO-related fanfic (written by duizhangsoo)

Second Winner —-

  • Miracles in December CD (which ever the First doesn’t pick)
  • Small posters (one of EXO-K and one EXO-M)
  • 10 postcards (from Growl/Cici photoshoots)
  • 3 custom keychains (can pick biases/ships/ot6/ot12)
  • Customized EXO-related oneshot (written by duizhangsoo)

Giveaway begins: December 28th, 2013
Giveaway ends: January 31st, 2014 (winner announced that day as well)

Rules are as followed:

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Since i’m cool and i want to do something nice for all of you wonderful people i decided to do a giveaway because i love you all and you make this tumblr journey worthwhile.

So here we go ,there will only be one winner and you get to choose which bag you want because there is no way in hell you’re getting both because they’re expensive and i want one heuehue.

You my friend will receive: 

1.Leopard sid backpack or Winged sid backpack

2.Fujifilm Instax mini 8 instant film camera - pink.

3.Etude House BB Cream cotton fit.

4.Etude house CC Cream.

Im not going to be a poo and say you have to follow me because you don’t have to but it would be nice if you did because im cool and i’ll love you forever.

As this giveaway is for my followers i would be super grateful if you did follow *winks*

Reblog as much as you like , LIKES DO COUNT 

This giveaway will end on the 15th of February so you have enough time to try try try and win win win

  • I’ll ship Internationally i like my ships like kaisoo free.
  • Please be comfortable with messaging me where you are located.
  • Reblog
  • Likes count
  • i’ll add in a free bag of rice and chopsticks because ,no rice no life.
  • Have your ask box open 
  • Winner will be notified via message and has to answer within 48 hours, otherwise another winner will be drawn.
  • Winner will be drawn randomly.        
  • Dont’ be a poop and erase all the text m’kay                                                                                                                                      

Have fun my loves and goodluck.

*pats your putt*



General Information:

This giveaway is a Christmas/New Years giveaway to thank my followers and fellow kpop fans on Tumblr for making this year so enjoyable and fun!! It is also because I have to do a kpop survey for a school assignment, and I decided that I would thank everyone who helps me by running this giveaway!

  • This giveaway starts today (20 December 2013) and ends on 27th of January 2014.
  • There will be 10 winners. Each gets to choose the prize/prize pack that they want. (see below or click “Read More” for details)
  • I will be selecting the winners using a random generator.
  • This giveaway is international.
  • All prizes are brand new and unused. Some of them have been opened for the photo and also so that you guys have an idea of any photocards.

How to enter:

  • Reblog this post at least once to a non-giveaway blog.
  • Complete THIS survey. For Question 1, put the Tumblr url of the blog that you reblogged this post to. (e.g if I reblogged this post to http://superjuniorfacts.tumblr.com, then for question 1, I will write superjuniorfacts.)
  • Make sure that everything you answer in your survey are your own true opinions. This survey is for a school assignment and so I don’t mind what you put there, as long as it is your own opinion so that the survey is valid.
  • Then you’re done!

Additional Rules:

  • You only need to do the survey once. When you have completed the survey once, you may reblog this post as many times as you want. The more times you reblog, the more entries you have. Doing multiple surveys won’t count towards anything.
  • Please don’t spam your followers :D
  • You don’t have to follow me ^~^
  • Likes count as one entry as long as you have also reblogged this post at least once.
  • Winners are contacted via their ask box, so when the closing date for this giveaway is approaching, make sure that your ask box is open.
  • Do not delete or change any of the information on this post.

Click “Read More” or see below for details about the prizes :) Good Luck!

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Fecho os olhos, era isso que eu temia. Quando finalmente entra o último aluno, sou a única sentada sozinha.

Fale! Resenha Completa: http://euinsisto.com.br/?p=3459


In this world, winning is everything. Winners are affirmed completely and losers are denied completely. I’ve never lost at anything before and I never will. Because I always win and I am always right.

Merry Xmas <3

christmas grinch xmas